Premier Protein

Busy, missed breakfast? Grab a premier protein bar and get your energy back!

About the Spot
First, a bunch of great artists were put together. Then, some real stop-motion sets were created for reference. After polishing story, we had some designs drawn up to refine the look. With that, we entered the 3D world; thats where we continued the fun modeling and lighting, all of which was done at 1:9 scale. Add some comp love and done!
This time around I was lead modeler/texturer, lead lookdev, lighting TD and chocolatier. Produced at Royale.
Who's hungry?! Well how 'bout some CG protein bars for your grumbling belly? But first, let's feed these hungry little guys:
A render from the second shot, with a facecam,
Mom Head Sculpts - Style Options
Set Render 
Lookdev Render for Lighting
Office Attire Lookdev
Boxer Lookdev
Protein Bar Lookdev
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